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ON 25 APRIL 2017 this project/competition will close

There has been little response due to my inadequate push to get it out there. If you feel strongly that  movies hook young people into smoking, you could:

    1. Get in touch with your government and present your idea
    2. Get in touch with World Health Organisation and do the same

The Beginnings of Art Toppling Tobacco

In 2010, a friend said that the idea of Art Toppling Tobacco was  “too left field, just pie in the sky”.  She was right of course, but I squared my shoulders and continued, sad and mad every time I looked at the soldiers in the WW1 photograph, so many of them smoking.  My beloved father who had emphysema in his latter years would have gone along with the adage that the tobacco relaxed you (and it did in that indescribable- deceitful way). 

Early I had to cajole my granddaughters, all creative kids, to help, but finally the art came. Later from countries other than Australia too, all art delighting me with its diversity telling the world that this problem of damage done by smoking, affects families in so many different ways, spoils relationships. 

The blog is important and I shall put happenings on it wanting you to add opinions.  I do not mind a bit of controversy and of course I do love compliments. Read about 2014 winner Elise Martinson having her art placed on wall in a tiny township in WA. Of course Elise was also the Grand Final Winner.

Some Stories About My Father...