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Admiration for Releaf

As a means of getting young people involved in gardening instead of smoking.

Admiration for Garden Releaf

Fay Thomson - Monday, April 11, 2016

Art Toppling Tobacco has admiration for Garden Releaf  designed to encourage people to garden as a way of relieving stress.  It is supported by Jeff  Kennett  ex -Victorian Premier & House and Garden magazine.

Admiration too goes to Beyond Blue , a non- profit organisation that supports people with depression & mental illnesses. 

Admiration too for Garden Clubs & Garden Centres not only in Australia but around the world. I read that in Australia Garden Clubs are taking part in Releaf.

Admiration too for Graham Ross television garden presenter who speaks of how gardening needs to encourage more young people.  Boy meets girl at the Garden Club that would be a great title for a television programme.

My interest in gardening was reawakened when I saw toilet rolls and egg shells being used to nurture seeds and I thought why not cigarette packets - ah ha I thought this is where art by Anna Bodell  comes to the fore. Anna sowed forget-me not seeds using a Marlboro cigarette packet and later carried the empty packet around as a kind of Talisman as a gentle, touching reminder to take care of her health.

I have observed & still do today, that smokers used the process of consuming the cigarette as a relaxation process. sometimes one sees that they are almost in a state of meditation. Such an insidious thing to relax and ruin the lungs at the same time.

So gardening is a solution, another form of relaxation.

Urban Talisman can be found  in row OTHER  SUBMISSIONS 2014 , And also on  World No Tobacco Day Grand Final 2015 at end where is a list labelled Director Decision  artfrom2011-2014

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