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Jasper Jones -use for Education about Nicotine Damage

02-Mar-2011 I read  “The Smoke Must Clear Before We Close The Gap “  ,( The Weekend Australian February  26 –27 , FOCUS)  by
Noel Pearson with admiration for his summing up of the problem of tobacco addiction  within  indigenous communities.

I remember reading many moons ago, that the indigenous who guarded our coastline in war time were paid with tobacco rations.  I further wince when I read that the tobacco in Noel’s grandfather’s pipe  had been  “ the detritus discarded from the tobacco factory floor : the little metal stamp read  “ For Aboriginal Use Only” .

Noel  sums up the different strategies required , using a seven pronged approach ,  referring to existing smokers and prevention with the young.   I recommend that the points he made be committed to memory by those in government and especially the newly formed  Australian National Preventive Health Agency.

We could kill two birds with one stone by using a novel called “Jasper  Jones “ .  That is get the message across to all of us.
This is a very successful novel by Craig Silvey  who I believe is promoting his book world wide.

Jasper Jones, the impetus for the story , is a part aborigine youth , a wonderful character as is the story teller Charlie and his Vietnamese friend who has a passion for cricket and Doug Walters.  I counted over twenty times that Jasper takes out his packet of cigarettes , sometimes offering one to Charlie.  The story is set in an Australian mining town in time of Vietnam war when smoking was really rife.

What I mean is this book is to be made into a film and this is the opportunity for action using the strategy , tactics  and lures once  used by big tobacco but for  the opposite reasons.  So that would be the perfect tool and would get the message across to all Australians that tobacco causes health problems and finally ruins your romantic life.

I’d like to thank Noel Pearson for  sharing his wisdom.

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Josephine Nardella commented on 05-Aug-2014 09:23 AM 3 out of 5 stars
I cringed with disgust when I read your post on how aboriginal people were treated.
Cigarette manufacturers and the government have a lot to answer for. Cigarettes are now more addictive than ever with manufacturers adding more nicotine to increase the addition and sugars and flavourings to enhance the nicotines effect.
legal sounds commented on 31-Oct-2016 10:12 PM 4 out of 5 stars
Great article.


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