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Seduction in Typo Shop , subsidiary of Cotton On group

10-Oct-2010 Early in Oct I looked in the window of a gift shop called Typo and immediately was shocked to see a picture of a woman with a cigarette in her mouth with French words beside her.  "This is blatant advertising", I said to the poor young woman behind the counter.  I took one off the wall but could not see the price and as I did so the temptation to smash it was strong.

I managed to control my temper and the assistant gave me the business card asking for Customer feedback for COTTON ON.  As soon as I got home I went into the website and emailed them but it did not send. I then told Sydney Morning Herald and ASH and local paper about it.  ASH replied and said they would look in to it.

Here are the French words   :   Seduction    , Obtenez   legerement      ,  Commencez   a  Fumer

                                                        Novelles   Jeunes    ,         Etoiles  SUR    LA PIste
Karine  Gouriou   of   "FIT    TO    RIDE "      translated it for me .

                                                          Seduction   , obtain   slightly  ,   start to smoke

                                                            New    generations       Stars on the track

I have moments when I think I'm being a bit of a Henny Penny the old chook who went around telling all the animals    "THat the sky was falling" .  What do you think ?  Is it blatant advertising and I would like to know the story behind it .     Fay

No Very

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