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Soldiers on the Screen

25-Aug-2010 Up on the screen sit the soldiers , companions , perhaps somewhere in a mess hall in France ; in the hands of some are the cigarettes.  Magic happens as cigarettes  change to pears,  a packet of cards,  a letter,  rosemary ,while pink carnations appear on some uniforms.  The table at the centre is given a lick of paint  the  ash mess upon disappearing, and  Australia's National flower , our wattle,  takes pride of place along with more Rosemary to honour Australia's Anzacs.

One soldier says " We don't smoke any more ."

Another , "The army gave us tobacco with the greatest of good will."

Another, " But we now know that it is bad for you."

The soldiers all start talking at once , airing their knowledge.

On the screen comes the list   -      SMOKING   CAUSES

                            Lung Cancer


                           Heart Problems

                           Bowel Cancer
                           Prostrate Cancer
                           And Much More
 Altogether the men say  " And it ruins your LOVE LIFE"

No Very

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