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21-Jul-2010 I'd like to put a new perspective on Audrey Hepburn's Involvement in the Dutch Resistance in WW2.  IT IS ABOUT THE FLOWERS.  To tell about it I  will quote bits from  "ENCHANTMENT  the Life of Audrey Hepburn" by Donald Spoto.

".......a resistance worker told Audrey, that unknown to the Germans, an English paratrooper was hiding in the Arnhem forest ..............the Germans were about to take over the woods for manoeuvring exercises.    ........     Would the English -speaking Audrey be willing to approach the paratrooper with instructions from the resistance"  etc
"She volunteered at once and entered the forest, calmly and innocently picking wildflowers as she went ------ a ruse in case she was stopped suddenly by a German soldier.  Audrey found the paratrooper  .................................and headed back to the village.  As she did so, she was met by two of the enemy, who addressed her in German, pointing to the path from which she had emerged and asking the reason for her presence in the area.  Acting as if she had no idea what they wanted, she smiled brightly and handed them the bunch of flowers.  To Audrey's astonishment, the soldiers accepted the bouquet, patted her on the shoulder and sent her on her way."

There is more but you'll have to read the book.

Now about the WILDFLOWERS that grow in Arnhem Forest.  Let's find them , some photographs please or a drawing.  Like the honouring of Audrey as Holly Golightly where Gabrielle replaced the cigarette in a holder with the rose   ------ let's replace it with the Arnhem WILDFLOWERS.  In that way the beloved actress is saying  "Don't Smoke"

There's more from Donald Spoto's book i'd like to quote about the end of the war for Audrey when she had been starving , reduced to eating tulip bulbs  ( there's another flower to replace Holly Golightly's cigarette in holder).

"On 4 May 1945, Audrey's sixteenth birthday, she heard a shuffling sound outside the cellar rooms at Velp. 'I ran to the window and saw the first contingent of of English soldiers.  Freedom has a special smell to me  --- the smell of English petrol and English cigarettes.  When I ran out to welcome the soldiers , I inhaled their petrol as if it were a priceless perfume and I demanded a cigarette, even though it made me choke.'   She also asked for chocolate , and a kindly soldier, seeing her jaundice and swollen feet , gave her five bars of it ; she devoured them at once and was of course violently ill.  But Audrey never again lost her appetite for tobacco or chocolate".

Audrey continued to smoke , costars who fell in love with her said she smoked incessantly during breaks from filming.  WE can all feel saddened by this but nevertheless let's continue to honour her with the flowers first the red rose, the WILDFLOWERS FROM ARNHEM FOREST,  TULIPS  AND EVERY FLOWER IMAGINABLE.  LET'S ON THIS SITE HAVE ROWS AND ROWS OF FLOWERS for Audrey.

   Put your imagination to work,  love from Fay

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Janet Thomson commented on 23-Jan-2015 11:16 PM 3 out of 5 stars
I too am convinced that the early life of Audrey Hepburn & the flowers , probably bluebells being handed to the Nazi soldiers as a ruse for being there in the Arnhem forest , would make a good movie. Makes me want to visit the forest & I am assuming it was in the Springtime. Thanks Art Toppling Tobacco for the story.


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