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Party Idea - Do Something Different18-Dec-2010

To tell you how the following idea occurred, I'll quote from "One - Living as One and Loving it " b..

Prizes 201002-Nov-2010

Congratulations to the three winners. I thought because there were only seventeen entries , that the..

Seduction in Typo Shop , subsidiary of Cotton On group10-Oct-2010

Early in Oct I looked in the window of a gift shop called Typo and immediately was shocked to see a ..

HOW TO ENTER (please help one another)28-Sep-2010

GO to Submit Your Art page and enter your details YOUR DETAILS Only your First Name , ..


Julia's art with the logo ARTTt with the small t for tobacco barely discernible , inspired me to add..

Inspiration Section25-Sep-2010

Scroll Down when you are in the Inspiration Section and you will find 2 new ideas quickly done by me..

Soldiers on the Screen25-Aug-2010

Up on the screen sit the soldiers , companions , perhaps somewhere in a mess hall in France ; in the..

Targets and Dartboards13-Aug-2010

ACTION time Making dartboards and archery targets is an art form and will be entered in the sec..


I'd like to put a new perspective on Audrey Hepburn's Involvement in the Dutch Resistance in WW2. I..

Photographers Seeking Ideas04-Jul-2010

I hope many of you will add to this short list 1.Young people having a party - use ashtrays as coa..

Celebrating at a Barbecue02-Jul-2010

There's a barbecue and some friends have quit or are quitting. Ideas: !. You've saved up all thos..

Saving Money11-Jun-2010

The money to pay for the prizes is that which I might have spent on tobacco from a long time ago whe..

Life is Abundant02-Jun-2010

Life is abundant as Sarah shows in her vibrant painting. No need to ruin lungs , skin and other par..

Chuckle Chuckle - the Power of a Child's Drawing29-May-2010

Julia's bold drawing "Help from the Bees" has me smiling. Who else but a child would use imaginati..

tobacco plantation to Lavender Farm25-May-2010

Imagine a tobacco plantation that has been converted to a Lavender Farm. Imagine a hologram that m..

Tobacconist to Lavender Shop20-May-2010

Tobacconists could go in the direction of converting to a Lavender Shop. Reading about lavender is ..

Be Not Afraid18-May-2010

Be not afraid to make mistakes and when you are not completely satisfied with your art , still send ..

When Is Graffiti not Graffiti06-May-2010

When art work is commissioned to be placed on a wall or fence or shed etc it is not graffiti. Wh..

Zebra with camouflage28-Apr-2010

Alyssa drew a zebra with the ART Toppling tobacco logo ( tobacco always with a small t) hidden in ..

Magical website24-Apr-2010

Connie from NSW said that she was deeply moved , it being so different from the TV ads we had been e..


Someone has been concerned about copyright , so about it will be added to RULES. Artists always ow..

why I like the Blog21-Apr-2010

This is Director' s Comment about the BLOG. I like it because people can enter without having to in..

Use Ashtray on Anzac Day20-Apr-2010

Fill an ashtray with twigs of Rosemary by way of grieving for the men and women who fought for our c..

First Submission14-Apr-2010

Ken Grant from West Pennant Hills NSW has honour of the first Submission. Ken's wife, Patricia ment..

Take Action09-Apr-2010

The conversation has started. I've talked to my friends and colleagues and they will talk to theirs...

Get your entries for the 2010 prize!26-Mar-2010

Before you know it it'll be October 29th. Get inspired or inspire others to create something fantast..

We're finally off the ground!23-Mar-2010

All systems go and full speed ahead. Time now to get inspired and start on your projects. Don't forg..

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