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$5000 will go to submission that does the best job of putting down the tobacco industry and encourages change by creating a film, animation, or voiceover with pictures that educates youth about the folly of tobacco use in an entertaining way that grabs the audience. This is to go before the showing of an old movie or modern one, be it at the cinema or on television.

CLOSING DATE - WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY 2017 - (always the last day in May)

You could create something inspired by history for example, the use of tobacco for taxes started by King James 400 years ago. Or something from real life as the unattractiveness of a person smoking to the opposite sex. Take a look at this Blog post and comment on your thoughts it will help with ideas as will looking through posts from past years.  

I shall be contacting the Prime Minister, Ministers for Health and Education and people involved in the film industry, cinema owners and influential people everywhere once the challenge is on its way. In fact, because this is not just for Australia, but our whole world, I shall be contacting people from all over. This challenge is for all who want to get rid of tobacco use for the sake of world health.

I read a movie is being made of “Jasper Jones” by Craig Silvey, an award winning novel that has been used in schools in Australia. I urge you to read it. This good story features underage smoking & use of alcohol amid likeable characters focusing on youth so that your entry could be one that deals with the cigarette, alcohol & drug problem. So many films are being made where smoking is necessary because of the historical context, but it is being so overdone that honestly I feel choked with the image of the excess smoke. So this CHALLENGE focuses on the smoking issue. 

However, if submissions come in that deal with the “Jasper Jones effect” I may down the track, make an extra award. 

My appreciation goes out to all artists who have taken time and effort over previous years.
May they pass this on. 

Fay Thomson

Size of submission must be no greater than 5mb. 


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