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I thank the artists who have participated in this competition/project. I have enjoyed the task of judging the submissions. 2010 Judge - Stafford Watts

I have judged the seventeen submissions against the mission statement of 'Art Toppling tobacco'. That mission statement is: I strive to do damage to tobacco so that young people become wise in their choices. I pay homage to men and women who were lured and conned into taking up smoking via powerful cigarette advertising. In doing this I want to give recognition and thanks to all artists, the humble and the great who participate (or help others to) in this competition/project.

I have selected three works in order of merit:

1st PLACE - Kristine from Sydney

  • I like the way this artwork captures the mission statement of ‘Art Toppling tobacco’. It would certainly be ideal wearable art as the artist suggests. It is strong graphically and conveys the message that people have a choice to be either a victim of smoking or not. Like Banksy’s street art it is simple, approachable with a political message.

    2nd PLACE - Gabrielle of Kirribilli

  • I like this submission because it is a comment on image making. This iconic image has been doctored like billboard graffiti. It shows that even with the rose transposed for the cigarette holder, Audrey Hepburn as Holly Go Lightly remains glamorous. It remains a visually strong image that is well known to many in the community. It has the potential of carrying the message of ‘Art Toppling tobacco’.

    3rd PLACE - Hugh Lunn of Brisbane, Queensland

  • This work is intended to convince and persuade from personal experience. It too is in line with the mission statement of ‘Art Toppling tobacco’. It is well written and carries a strong message. It is poignant that the writer himself, a journalist, now has damaged lungs from passive smoking from flying in smoke-filled planes and working in newspaper offices.

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